Preparing FOR knee Surgery

You need to prepare well in advance for your knee surgery and recovery. The checklist below helps you plan ahead.

1. Complete the required paperwork and arrangements

  • Read the information from Dr Boyle and make a list of what you need to do
  • Complete all patient and medical history forms and return them to Dr Boyle
  • Complete all pre-operative medical tests, as required
  • Attend pre-admission clinic, unless advised otherwise by Dr Boyle
  • Keep your scans and reports together to take with you to hospital
  • Make arrangements for rehabilitation treatment after you leave hospital

2. Get yourself ready for surgery

  • Stop taking any medications as advised by Dr Boyle and other medical practitioners
  • Complete any dental treatment at least six (6) weeks before surgery
  • Avoid any procedures in the two (2) weeks before surgery
  • Avoid cuts, scrapes, skin infections or irritations before surgery
  • Contact Dr Boyle if you're uncertain about being ready for surgery

3. Get your home ready for your return from surgery

  • Meals: prepare, buy or arrange for meals when you’re first home
  • Clothing: have loose, comfortable clothing ready for your return
  • Daily items: place clothing etc. at arm level to avoid bending and reaching
  • Home help: arrange help for cooking, shopping, bathing, laundry, pets, driving etc.
  • Trip and fall hazards: remove all hazards such as loose rugs and cords
  • Mobility aids: hire or buy items, e.g. walking stick, reacher, long-handled equipment
  • Adapted furniture: as advised by your Occupational Therapist (OT), hire or buy items, e.g. raised toilet seat, shower chair, stable chair with two arms
  • Home modifications: as advised by your OT, install safety measures, e.g. bathroom handrails, anti-slip mats

4. What to pack for your surgery and hospital stay

  • Medicare and private health fund cards
  • Government concession and health care cards
  • Medication: bring all medications and herbal supplements you’re currently taking
  • Scans and reports: bring all scans and reports related to your surgery
  • Clothing: pack comfortable day and night clothing, underwear, socks etc.
  • Footwear: bring comfortable shoes, slippers etc.
  • Toiletries: bring your regular toiletries
  • Entertainment: bring books, magazines, iPad, iPod etc.

5. Arrange help from family and friends

  • Give family and friends accurate contact details
  • Arrange transport for returning home from hospital
  • Arrange pet and garden care while you’re away
  • Arrange a contact person for any emergency