HIP SURGERY and hospital stay

Your surgery

Hip replacement surgery generally takes 1-2 hours under spinal or general anaesthetic. You will then be transferred to a recovery ward for 1-2 hours before going to your hospital room.  

There are side effects from any operation.  Side effects may be short-lived or last for several weeks, and may include a sore hip and swelling in the thigh.

Your hospital stay

During your hospital stay, the treatment team will monitor and assess your progress. You will receive the following attention:

  • Tests: blood tests and x-rays
  • Pain and wound management: appropriate dressing and painkillers
  • Blood clot prevention: blood-thinning medication
  • Physiotherapy: exercises to start your recovery.

Your hospital stay ranges from 2 to 5 days, as recommended by the treatment team. People are generally ready to go home or to a rehabilitation hospital when their recovery, healing and strength are progressing well.


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