All consultations with Dr Boyle take place in his practice rooms. At your first consultation, Dr Boyle will discuss your symptoms, overall health and medical history, and will review any related medical imaging and reports you have. At this visit, Dr Boyle will discuss the possible treatment options for you. In some cases, Dr Boyle may order additional tests and imaging to confirm his diagnosis and treatment plan. The first consultation typically takes 20-30 minutes. 

What to bring on your first appointment

For your first appointment, please bring:
  • GP referral letter
  • all related scans and reports, including x-rays, ultrasounds and other imaging
  • completed Boyle Orthopaedics patient registration form
  • completed Boyle Orthopaedics patient medical history form
  • completed Boyle Orthopaedics medications and allergies form — a list of medications (dose and frequency) you're currently taking, including prescribed medicines, over-the-counter medicines, herbal supplements and complementary/natural medicines
  • completed Boyle Orthopaedics Privacy Act form
  • your Medicare card
  • your private health insurance details (if applicable)
  • your notes and questions including symptoms, medical history and questions about treatment options
  • completed Hip and Knee Questionnaire
  • — For all Boyle Orthopaedic forms, please go to Patient forms